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Designed from the Inside Out

Most residential towers are designed from the outside in. Meaning that the exterior architecture is designed first, then the interiors are designed to fit the space provided. It is an easier process, but can lead to compromised suites as you work to fill the floor plans.

While The Guardian's architecture is certainly impressive, we designed each tower from the inside out, starting with the suites first so that each and every floor plan received the individual attention of a veteran architect and interior designer.

Open Concept Design

The Guardian suites draw in abundant natural lighting and encourage movement in open concept, flexible spaces. Hallway space is minimized to make room for maximized living space. Rooms are generously sized and shaped to let your imagination roam free for furniture layout. Generous storage, closets and built-in workspaces allow you to live and work with liberty.

Rooms with a View

The Armony Cucine kitchens are displayed openly as the beautiful design pieces they are, yet also discretely blend into the living room to give your home an organic flow and to make the most of your panoramic views. Meanwhile, the expansive balconies invite you to to use them as your second living room, perfect for entertaining.

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